Sunday, April 29, 2012

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nite before the big day, i met buddies who'll join together, not much, but can shake the ground ! i just say about do and don't. i leave them for their own discussion. tomorrow we'll go together but not in the same path/places. i shut down this lapotop earlier than usual. i grab up my bed then set the alarm to help me get up for fajr prayer. InsyaAllah.. zzz.. i woke up before my alarm start shouting to my ears. Alhamdulillah. read the ma'thurat after solah then get something to eat & drink. tied up my Vans, running on the road about 5 minutes then round the field track 2x until i get sweat. i stop. enter the main hall to get some air-cond to cool me up. shower-then i start on my plan. eat something high-in-carbohydrate first before go. to get some energy. I wear 2 pair of shirt in the same time. have to attend an event at the hall before go there. i have to. i wear t-shirt inside and formal shirt outside. snapping some photos at the event to show my appeareance to all. then i ask my friend to let the organiser know i have to leave the event earlier. babai.. im sory. then i passed the 1st blocks. proceed my long journey. step in my friends house @ darul cinta. he went to PWTC that day. he offer me to drop me at the LRT station by his motorcyle. otw to LRT station, i saw three uncle with the same colour t-shirt (i knew that, it's a theme colour for the event). i think the went to somewhere. arrive at LRT station, once again i saw the 3 uncle that i saw on my way to the station. we're in the same train. so many people wear the same t-shirt like them. huhh.. im in black. nevermind. arrive @ the destination. im start to speechless.. i just say PERGHHHHHH ! then continue walkiing alone to Central Market (CM). I've arrange to meet my friends from several place to chat-up there. i just see women. no men. So i decide to find other place and friend to stay with. i texted em. uhhh.. the mens @ DBKL. So far and maybe impossible to reach over there. But i proceed my pace. Then i see bro Zulfikar from my hometown. I decide to follow him, but i think twice, i decide back, cancel to DBKL, just stay @ Masjid Jamek (MJ) to wait for the others to come. Stand in-front MJ. Watching people pass-go. i text the others. where there are. @ PWTC & the others otw. ok, i'll wait my partner to stay with me, so i can chat-up with someone. so silent ok! i saw my lec also come, jamaah masjid that always in a saff with me also come. i don't greet em,they're far from me. again..and again, i just stand and watching people come, walk and go.. i text my friend, he said, im otw. then he call me, im arrived. where are you? i look left and right, oh, he just behind me ! haha ! then i took him to stand beside me. oh, i have a buddy to talk :D alhamdulillah as azan Zuhur breaking the silence, we enter the nearest musolla. after that, we stay inside the musolla area to see what happen outside. too many jamaah that day, what a crowded places especially at the main entrance as the solah and du'a finish. we'll wait here until this crowded scene finish. we just SIT there, waiting and watcing from inside to see and what happen. Oh, people shouting and speaking there. the gate is able to pass now. jom, we go to the other place, reach our other friends and stay together with em. as we stepped out about 30 pace.. BACKOFF ! ouch ! something makes us crying. heavy dust everywhere. everybody crying too. enter to MJ back to take cover. feel safe and better. continue watching what happen outside from inside. oh, meet with my old friend. last time we met @ early of March. How are you friend? Alhamdulillah im ok. Oww.. what happen outside ? People come in and go to the MJ. Facing with the machine. Big machine. It's bigger than cars ! The crying machine ! It's make everybody cry ! Allahuakbar..Allaaaaaahuakbar..! Allah is the great ! Azan Asar call us to get ready for perform solah. Fuhh.. Allah save the people, when some of em is been oppressed, then they keep on saying Allah's name.. Lailahaillallah !! Allahuakbar ! I still remember, 2 Chinese behind me saying the same ! Masya-Allah.. Hope they get a guidance from Him to understand bout it. Lahilahailala ! Even the sound seems like weird, but i know they also feels that buy saying the words, they'll protected and got some strength like the others. بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم إِذَا جَاءَ نَصْرُ اللَّهِ وَالْفَتْحُ - When the victory of Allah has come and the conquest, وَرَأَيْتَ النَّاسَ يَدْخُلُونَ فِي دِينِ اللَّهِ أَفْوَاجًا - And you see the people entering into the religion of Allah in multitudes, فَسَبِّحْ بِحَمْدِ رَبِّكَ وَاسْتَغْفِرْهُ إِنَّهُ كَانَ تَوَّابًا - Then exalt [Him] with praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness of Him. Indeed, He is ever Accepting of repentance. Feel like the Syrian reciting these verse ! Ok bro, i think it is safe to back home. Lets take the other LRT station, too many people here. As we walk to the station, it is same, people still standing in a long strainght line, wait their turn to get the LRT's blue coin. Bro, lets get some refreshment ! Dry ! 7 Eleven ! Sit in front closed shop. Eat some chips more, chocholate bun and Zesta ! Then, a poor crushed cop car is pulled by the truck on the road. What happen to the car ? Donnow.. Done eat. Let's go. Walking through Sogo. We look some crashing glasses. Seems like a collision happens there. Ok. Lets go. That night, i watch the Buletin Utama. Oh, the crashed cops car that we saw that while eat the chips more was involved in an accident @ the Sogo. Then my dad call me. He also talk bout the cops car to me, then expain it to me same as the Buletin Utama said before. I just say yes bout that, i watched it on tv just now. Actually i don't know what happen to the poor car, after i watch the news and my dad call me. Copy pasted from - Khairul Bariyyah. * just share some great writing. keep it up buddy !

Sunday, April 15, 2012



memang beliau sudah mula berubah..

dulu kalau beliau post, mesti ada basamalah, salam... 1 Malaysia..opps


sekarang beliau sudah berubah..

ntah la kenapa...

tolong cari solusi untuk beliau..

malaskah dia?

teruk sangatkah dia?

Sibuk sangatkah dia?


Orang lain pun ada kerja, siap juga, x macam dia kan ?

Mau buat macamana ya...

Kalau meminta-minta, nanti macam hidup mengharap orang lain pula..

Dia memang suka meminta pun..


ahh...nanti la, esok ada masa lagi...

kau confirm masa untuk esok tu memang kau boleh dapat ?

kau confirm masa untuk esok tu memang kau akan lalui ?

kau confirm masa esok tu mesti kau punya ?

boleh confirm ?



hmm...jawapan selamat..

jangan suka mengungkit kalau buat keja baik sikit mesti dapat balasan..

yang selayaknya membalas tu bukannya dari kalangan manusia..

kalau ada pun, itu semua bi'iznillah..

tengok la tu...mula lah mau berislamik-islamik..

bajet ustaz..





xtau mau taip apa lagi..

babai Salam 1 Malaysia..

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wajib Bayar = Hampeh (sometimes better )


Sori bukan post ceramah agama kali ni

Bukan post budak bajet pandai sangat bab fekah/tauhid/akhlak & tasawwur bla3

Bukan post firman ataupun sabda nabi.

Sekian muqaddimah.


Kamu semua mesti pernah mengalami situasi seperti ini, kalau x sama pun, sipi-sipi laa...

Situasi A.
Baiklah, kamu semua dikehendaki membayar yuran sejumlah RMXX untuk program ni.
Yuran ni termasuk makanan dan cenderahati.

Selepas program.
Penganjur, mana cenderahati program semalam ?
Kami bagi kemudian ok, haritu punya x cukup la, kena dahulukan tetamu yang datang.
Ok.... (mula timbul sedikit rasa hampeh...sabar la, dia kata nanti. Nanti ada la tu)

Penganjur, ada kawan saya mengadu sakit perut.
Makanan program semalam tu basi la, saya pun rasa agak masam sikit ayam tu, ada bau yang x best & kalau kita ambik ayam tu, dah berlendir....makan roti ja la semalam..
Oh, tu kena tanya semula dengan AJK makananan ok.
Kalau saya tau jadi macam ni, better x perlu wajibkan bayar.
Saya sendiri pun x jangka ni boleh berlaku.
Baiklah penganjur, saya bukannya cuba menyalahkan mana-mana pihak, cuma bila mewajibkan sesuatu tu, biarlah bertepatan dengan tahap kewajipan tu. Macam kita janji dengan orang la, kena buat betul-betul.
Ok2, nanti saya beritahu kepada pihak yang sepatutnya tahu.
Saya pun x makan nasi semalam, saya rasa macam apa yang kamu rasa.

Situasi 2.
Siapa yang belum menjelaskan lagi yuran Astro bulan ni, sila jelaskan selewat-lewatnya esok.
Kalau saya x pernah langsung pun tengok tv sepanjang saya tinggal di asrama ni, saya tinggal di level atas, tv nun di basement, perlukah saya bayar jugak?
(terasa sedikit hampeh la pulak dengan kepoyoan mamat tukang kutip yuran tu)
yalah, junior, semua benda wajib. Senior tiap malam tengok bola, x semua yang bayar yuran.
Junior wajib.

Eh, yang aku tulis post macam ni, sebab dulu aku pernah juga jadi junior, aku x la berani buat macam ni. Aku x la berani tunjuk yang aku ni berani tunjuk belang depan senior. Berani pijak kepala senior.

situasi ni panjang berjela pula x macam situasi ayam basi tadi kan.

biarlah aku cuba jelaskan benda yang nampaknya jelas, tapi orang buat-buat x jelas, buat-buat bodoh, dan tidak kurang juga orang yang cuba lalu di lereng-lereng jalan yang membahayakan diri sendiri, sedangkan jalan yang terbentang tu luas, boleh jalan senang-senang di tengah.

Aku cakap macam ni, sebab aku rasa aku x terbeban pun dengan bayar duit yang diwajibkan, bayar yuran yang diwajibkan. Aku x kisah pun, duit tu memang nampak keluar dari akaun BSN atas nama aku, keluar dari dalam dompet buruk berlipat kepunyaan aku, memang itu duit aku pada zahirnya, hakikatnya duit tu orang yang bagi.

X kisah la kalau duit tu memang diberi untuk diberi.
Cuma bila diberi, tapi kita beri tidak kena pada tempatnya, bila ada yang minta, mula lah duit x cukup, cekik darah, sedangkan orang lain makan benda yang sama dengan kita, mungkin jauh lebih susah hidupnya dari kita, boleh beri/bayar duit tu tanpa berkata apa pun.

Malah boleh buat simpanan pula !

Orang yang biasa kasi alasan ni biasanya yang suka spend duit untuk benda-benda yang hampeh,yang kemudiannya membuatkan dorang rasa hampeh balik bila peruntukan duit yang kena bagi tu diminta untuk tujuan asalnya.

Contoh, beli buku, lec suruh.

Duit x cukup la encik..

Eh, orang sekarang x bodoh la..

Orang boleh tengok kamu makan mahal-mahal dalam facebook..

**** has create new album photo titled 'Makan2 @ Pavilion'

status update :
huhhh..letihnya shoping..

bosan. McD jom

Money ! Why no enough !

Bangang pihak pengurusan makan duit student, patut la bayar duit lambat, rupanya ambil duit student buat jamban baru !

Duit punya pasal orang jadi kurang ajar, orang jadi papa kedana sebab makan sedap, orang jadi boros gila, orang suka pandang kolot orang yang berjimat-cermat;ko tengok budak kampung tu, xde life langsung kan, x macam kita. kau tinguk tu budak bandar, kena suru bayar duit buku bising2, tapi bila ada duit enjoy ja kerja..

Duit tu tiada apa sangat pun, kertas biasa yang nilainya cuma pada angka.
Kertas biasa tiada nilai sangat sebab kosong.

Budak kampung pun orang biasa, cuma dia lebih baik dari orang yang ada life tadi sebab otaknya berisi, orang yang ada life tu tadi pun orang biasa, cuma isi otaknya tu terlebih sampai melimpah-limpah.

Sory la kalau aku menyentuh kekampungan atau kebandaran sesiapa yang baca post buang masa ni.

babai, assalamualaikum.
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